Saturday, October 29, 2011

Race Results

2nd Annual Halloween 5K Results                       
Bib     Name               Age M/F  Time  Place   Division
1    Peggy Crawford    29    F      31.51    4        F
2    jared Orr                18    M    22.59    2         M 18+
3    Leah Wetzel           19    F     33.16    5         F
4    Jessica Draney       18    F     24.19    1         F
5    Natalee Taylor        25    F    28.29    3          F
6    Courtney Packard   26    F    26.28    2         F
7    Amber Nicholl       26    F     37.34    7         F
8    Heidi Eisert            22    F     34.48    6         F
9    Larry Shaw            43    M    27.01    3         M 18+
10    Tyler Martin        24    M    33.51    5          M 18+
11    Kellean My         32    F      DNF                 F
12    Jeremy Starkz     17    M     24.51    2         M 10-17
13    ryker Shaw         13    M     27.58    4         M 10-17
14    Nathan Gerdes    13    M    26.19    3         M 10-17
15    Parker Hisbee     12    M     27.59    5        M 10-17
16    Josh Ward           15    M    22.48    1         M 10-17
17    Justin Packard     28    M    19.41    1         M 18+
18    Kyle Redfearn     25    M    27.37    4        M 18+

Monday, October 24, 2011

Toby Came Home!

TOBY JAY REDD came home from his mission in Maceio, Brazil! 
We were bummed to be missing out on all the excitement, so at the spur of the moment, we decided we would drive up to Seattle to be with family!

It worked out perfectly that Christine had had her baby 2 days earlier and we would be driving right past her house! So we got to stop and visit the beautiful Smith family for a little bit!

Jack is such a great big brother! And sweet little Fisher is the most adorable thing ever! 

Finally, after driving all through the night..and a lot of the day..we made it home!! We had only told Toby that we were coming so Keith and Cindy were pretty surprised! It was awesome!!

On Saturday, morning we all went to the temple together for the first time!! It was such an awesome experience, but we definitely missed Tyson, who was busy winning father of the year. 

 Later, we all went out to eat to celebrate Toby!

 On Sunday, Toby gave the best Homecoming talk anyone has ever heard! He was such a great missionary, and is such a great man; we are so glad he's home now!

As a bonus, we got to spend a couple short hours with Tyson and the girls!
We love our cute, little nieces soo much!!

All in all, a great weekend! Well worth the 30 hours of driving!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Behind the scenes...

So it turns out I didn't actually take very many pictures of all the work that went into the remodel.....probably because I was too busy just doing it all!
But here are a few pics..

It doesn't look like a lot, and actually, the painting itself was super easy! Nothing compared to when we painted our kitchen!  Here's what was hard: taking apart our table and chairs, taking all the pictures and glass out of all the frames, then putting about 8 coats of paint on everything to turn it from black to white! I decided somewhere near the end that our ugly Walmart table was really not worth the trouble! Then getting the frames on the goodness, that was a project! Luckily, Tyler remembered his mom's method to completing a similar project, so we cut newspaper out to match all the frames and poked holes in the paper right where the nail would have to go, and put those up on the wall first.  It actually worked really well!
All in all, it was definitely worth the time because I love coming down the stairs to see our beautiful "beach house"!

Shout outs:
Alyssa and Kyle came over and helped a lot! Kyle was actually the one who had to do all the taking apart of the table and chairs..Thanks guys!
And a big shout out to my poor, sweet husband! He was probably quite overwhelmed when it went from "it'd be fun to add some color to our house" to actually painting within 24 hours.  Nor, I'm sure, did he expect that we'd have to match the rest of our belongings to the wall, and that I wouldn't rest until it was done! But he helped so much and was so supportive! I love that about him! He always lets me do what he knows I would do anyways!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My New and Improved Living Room



My very own handy work.
Both the pillow and the wall art were so easy to make!!

The *Dining* Room

Tomorrow, I'll show you some of the work that went into it :)