Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy 31st Birthday!

Happy Birthday Tyler!

Today, this sweet husband of mine turned 31.  He is so wonderful and I am so lucky to be his wife! Some of my favorite things about this last year with Tyler:
1. We started working together again. (We both work at Heritage school)
2. We've been riding our bikes a lot.
3. We visited Zion National Park for the first time.
4. We spent an amazing week in San Diego.
5. We re-visited one of Tyler's all time favorite places, Red Rock Canyon.
6. Tyler has been quite a handyman around our house and our rental property.
7. I'm finally getting certified so I can be Tyler's scuba buddy, and he loves helping me study for my class. 
8. Tyler has made a green smoothie for us for breakfast almost everyday for the last year.
9. Tyler and I finished a 70.3, and he was so proud and emotional when I crossed the finish line that he cried. 
10. Tyler has been working hard taking night classes to further his education.

Tyler is such a good example to me.  He is so hard working and diligent, without even so much as a complaint.  He is so strong, mentally, physically, and spiritually.  This last month was especially fun for us, as we extended his birthday, and celebrated everyday for the last 31 days! (BTW, all the credit for this sweet, romantic idea goes to Kyle, who did the 27 days of Alyssa's 27th birthday in December..what a great husband!)

The 31 Days of Tyler's 31st Birthday

Starting January 1st, Tyler got to open a little envelope, telling him what his surprise for the day would be.  From frozen yogurt to a foot massage, from rock climbing to Red Rock Canyon, from an early birthday gift to a special dinner, each day was something little that Tyler loved.  It was such a blessing for me to have a whole month to serve, give, and love Tyler.  It has been a great opportunity for us to bond, and we've created some great memories this month!