Friday, March 25, 2011

Ode to the Jamba Man

You know those Jamba Juice people who stand on the street corners in a huge banana costumes and try to get you to honk or whatever?

Well, this guy beats them all!! He is seriously amazing. I'm pretty sure the whole city of Rexburg would know exactly who you were talking about when you refer to the "Jamba Guy". And I don't know how much profit Jamba Juice owes to this man.

So, you're asking what exactly makes this guy so great??

For starters he LOVES his job! He's not one of those people who you can tell is so annoyed to be out there looking ridiculous. In fact, we had the privilege of running into the Jamba Guy in Jamba Juice one afternoon, and we asked, "So, you always look like you're having fun out there...did you try to get this job, or did you just end up doing it?" And he said, "I wanted it! I came in and told them I wanted to be the Jamba Banana and did a backflip for them!"

In the summer, he does baton twirling (not swinging his sign around, but legit twirling with real batons) and other acrobatic moves (such as backflips!).

And in the winter he does this:

Amazing, isn't it!! He is so talented! He would just spend hours out there in close to 0 degree weather and sculpt!

So, here's to you, Jamba Man, you are amazing! You make me want to drink Jambas all the time. I hope you know how much the city of Rexburg loves you!