Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alyssa's Wedding!

So these are in reverse order, so we'll start at the end and work our way back...

Alyssa and Kyle leaving for their honeymoon in California!

The Lundrigan group at the reception. It was so great to have my Uncle Doug come all the way from Oregon, and he was sooo helpful! Uncle Gord, Aunt Leesa, and my cousin, Hannah, trekked all the way across the country for North Carolina!! Hannah was one of Alyssa's bridesmaids. And, of course, Grandma and Grandpa took a road trip from Canada, and even treated us to a little visit in Rexburg before and after the wedding.

Instead of the regular centerpieces at the tables and a buffet style meal, we mad the centerpieces out of the family-style meals.

These girls were such huge helps!

The wedding cake! Me and my mom put our hearts and souls into making that cake!

The happy couple after the sealing in Bountiful, UT. (Notice his unique white ceramic ring)



Kyle's parents

The Lundrigan siblings

The Esquibel siblings + spouses

Centerpiece at the pre-sealing brunch.

More of the bridal party

Me and my brother, Devin (he was a groomsman)

Christine's little boy, Jack, was so good while his mom was off taking pictures!

All the bridesmaids

Here's Gord at work! He was so great to take so many pictures!

Here is the best picture I can find of my dress after its make-over! I think it turned out ok!

Bridals. (Me, Christine, and Gord were all snapping pictures of the bride like crazy! Christine's and Gord's turned out better than these ones that I took)

Getting ready for the day!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


So, you will remember that I got my Bridesmaid dress and I was going to accessorize with all ivory: pearl jewelry, ivory button, ivory belt, ivory shoes. Well, it turns out that (cheap) ivory belts are really hard to find (despite what some people have told me)! So, I decided I would make my own ivory belt!! However, now my issue is that I can't decide what I want it to look like! Ok, ok, I may be over thinking this, but I just want everything to look perfect for the wedding! So, that's why I need your help deciding which belt design!!!

Bridesmaid dress refresher:

Belt options:
#1 Flower cluster

#2 Bow with flower center

#3 Straight line flowers

#4 Bow with no flowers

Vote for your favorite!!