Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What a week!!

I'll just go in order:

Monday, June 22: We got a little over-zealous in our training for the triathlon we are doing next weekend, so at 5 am we swam over 1/2 a mile, at 3pm we rode 10 miles on our bikes, and by 6pm we had finished our 5 mile run.  Needless to say, we were exhausted! But, it was comforting to know that we are able to all the triathlon events in one day! 

Tuesday, June 23: RESTED

Wednesday, June 24: We wanted to get some practice swimming in the COLD water like we'll have to in the triathlon, so we went out to Beaver Dick park.  Tyler actually got in a swam for a whole 30 seconds!...I worked on my tan.
Thursday, June 25:  30 mile bike ride.  The first 15 miles were up hill and into the wind, it was tough! but the next 15 miles, we flew!!

Friday, June 26: We went and watched Alyssa perform in Jazz Night, where she sang "Shy Boy".  It was AMAZING!! She is such a good jazz singer! Everyone else thought the same thing, and she made it into The Best Of show (they take the best of all the shows throughout the semester and put them into one night...it's a big deal!) I'm definitely going to record it next time and I'll post it! 

Saturday, June 27: We drove up to beautiful Jackson Hole, WY.  
We walked around the cute little shops they have all around town, and Tyler posed with an Indian Chief
We enjoyed a hike...
We had to cross a log over a raging river!!

Later that day, we went rock climbing with Matt and Michelle, which is always fun!!! But Tyler slammed his head into the rock...there's just a slight scab and a little bump.  
(Don't worry, Cindy, he's worn a helmet every time since)

Monday, June 29: We went rock climbing for FHE, we were having so much fun, we stayed out for 3 hours climbing different routes! Tyler led a 5.10 for the first time, and he only fell once! I climbed a 5.11c (my hardest yet)! It was great!

Monday, June 15, 2009


A while ago we planted some seeds in our window hoping that we would be able to enjoy some fresh, home-grown herbs.  
It's been so fun to watch them grow.... I can hardly believe they started out so small!

Now they are huge!! 
We have our droopy chives, which I'm hoping to start using soon...
Our basil started out with these cute little leaves, 

but now it's our biggest plant!!
Finally, the day of harvest came....
I was so excited to get to use our fresh cilantro and parsley! They were delicious!

 Now we can't wait to have a house with a big yard where we can plant all kinds of things, but for now, this is good enough!!

Coming Soon: Consider the Lilies