Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun Flowers

As you may know, lately I've been getting into flower arranging; I even got a job at a floral shop after graduation. I'm in a class now where we work at the flower shop at BYU-I, and we get to do some arrangements. Here are some cool arrangements I've done recently.

This is an oriental style arrangement. I love the Irises, it'll look cooler when those bottom three bloom.

This was my St Patrick's Day arrangement. I could only use silk flowers, and some of them were starting to fall apart!!

Lastly, my favorite, my Valentine's Day arrangement.

Here is my working so diligently on it...

Another oriental style (can you tell I like that style?), but these orchids are amazing!!

Just for fun, and as a little experiment, leave a comment voting for your favorite arrangement!!
I'll tell you the winner next week

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Few Hectic Weeks...

The last few weeks have been crazy at the Redd house!!! Between starting 5:45 am aerobics classes, getting to the end of the semester, hosting guests, and painting the house, we've felt like we've been in a constant daze.

The laundry has been piling up like you wouldn't believe...
And, you know the little turning attachment in the bread maker? It turns out it's pretty important, otherwise you get....

Other than that, the Smiths came to visit us! We were so excited to get to see them, it's felt like it's been forever!! As happy as we all were to see each other, poor little Jack wasn't so thrilled to be visiting Uncle Tyler and Aunty Kelsey.

The next weekend was my birthday!! Tyler worked hard to make it a very special day for me!
This last weekend, Ryan and his "friend", Suzie, came to visit us! It was so fun to see them, even for just one night!!!

And in just a couple weeks, all my family is going to be in town for Graduation!!! And I want everything to be perfect for them, so we've been working hard to fix up the paint in the house. I had to do some touch ups around the living room....
...but the kitchen was the real project!! Here is a quick reminder of what it looked like when we moved in:

...after days of hard work...

This is how it turned out:

Much better, wouldn't you say?