Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Festivities

Happy Easter

I've been *planning* on doing fun, festive things for Easter this year, (well, I've been planning on doing that for every holiday this year..) but, as usual, we get so busy and the holiday comes and goes before I get the chance to do anything...

And Easter was no different...

So, we just made do with what we had. And it was nice.

Luckily, a week ago we received an Easter surprise from the Easter Bunny sent all the way over from Hawaii!! (Thanks, Mom!)

Obviously we couldn't wait a whole week to open the baskets, so we have had Easter treats all week long!

Then today we had a very special Easter breakfast (it's also the same special breakfast we have on birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, Sundays...):
French Toast!

And then there was our very special Easter feast (which actually was kinda special):

Pork chops...

and, my favorite, Deviled Eggs! (Which no one else is this house likes, so yes, that entire plate was for me!)

Our Easter culminated with a leisurely (and, thus, Sabbath day appropriate) 25-mile bike ride. We picked a road we had never ridden on, and rode it till it ended. We were only chased by 1 mean dog!

All in all, a very good Easter! I hope it was great for all of you as well!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Project: Organization

This Spring Break we spent a lot of our time doing Spring Cleaning! I wish I had thought to document more of our reorganization projects, but this is the only one I took pictures of.

This is the before of our under-the-stairs closet.

Even though I organize it almost every week, it still always ends up looking like this!

Notice the plethora of backpacks strewn about...I think the underlying problem here is that we have way too many CamelBaks, but I'm sure Tyler would disagree.

And then...Command Strips to the rescue!! Look at the organization! A hook for every backpack! Tyler's favorite part of the project was yelling "I COMMAND YOU..!"

Not too shabby, right!?