Thursday, February 10, 2011

Recent Events in the Redd Home:

Tyler's Birthday

Tyler got quite the stack of gifts
it's funny because he felt so spoiled!

He loves his pink cake with pink frosting

In Other News:

Recently, we made one of our newest most favorite treats!! Skillet Cookies

Today, Cynthia and I made another birthday cake!! Much simpler than the last one!

It's killing the birthday boy to not touch it till his party on Saturday!

Lastly, Tyler brought Valentine's Day to our house early this year! He said he just couldn't wait to give me these beautiful tulips!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Husband!

27 Reasons Why I Love My 27-Year-Old Husband

  1. He is so handsome!
  2. He is so nice to me and always wants to help
  3. He is strong
  4. He is smart
  5. He is green: he has never driven to work, only bikes or runs, no matter how cold it is!

  6. He loves his bike!
  7. He always gives me a few bites of whatever food he prepares for himself.
  8. He's never made me clean the toilets
  9. He goes skiing with me

  10. And he pretends like he can hardly keep up with me
  11. He stays with me when we do races or triathlons
  12. He looks so good in a suit.

  13. He helps me cook.
  14. He tells me I'm pretty, no matter what!
  15. He makes me floss daily, but doesn't get mad when I refuse
  16. He prays for me
  17. He loves his family
  18. He wants to be a dad
  19. He is the best Spanish teacher in town!
  20. He is so kind to everyone
  21. He is an awesome rock climber!
  22. He looks so cute when he cuddles up with his favorite magazine

  23. He carries me up to our bed when I'm too sleepy to walk up the stairs
  24. He combs his hair every morning
  25. He encourages me to make it up the big hills when we ride our bikes in the summer
  26. He lets me sleep in
  27. He is the best husband ever!