Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cindy would be proud.

When I got my new camera, Tyler decided he wanted to take up photography using my old we have been going a little photo-crazy trying to figure out how to use each of our new cameras!

Our first lesson was at the BYU-I gardens.  Objectives: aperture, shutter speed, and focal point.

Tyler's pictures

(BTW, did you guys know that I was the model for this statue?)

It's fun to use each other as subjects :)

 See that shutter speed at work!!

Kelsey's pictures

Our second lesson took place at the Temple.  Objective: Use the beautiful lighting of the sunset.

 Kelsey's pictures

Tyler's pictures

I love to see how we each have a different "eye" when it comes to taking pictures.

Now every time we leave the house, Tyler suggests we bring our's actually pretty dorky, last night we walked around the fair each carrying a camera around our neck (and didn't even take a single picture).  But, I love sharing this hobby with Tyler!! It makes it so much more fun to see his enthusiasm! And he says now he won't get so bored if I wanna take pictures cause he can be shooting away right with me!  So, Cindy, hopefully you'll be enjoying more pictures now...  :)