Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's Raining Meatballs!

Or, I wish it was!! I tried again to cook meatballs today, and as usual, it just turned into ground beef mush. I don't understand how to make them keep their shape! Is there some trick to it because I can only make it work with the pre-cooked frozen meatballs you buy in a bag. Any ideas??

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Apologies

Well, here I am four months later, and I'd like to apologize for my complete lack of blogging participation!
Let me explain: 1) Although I've been saying it for the past 3 semesters, this semester really is my last hard one!! It's been so ridiculously busy, but in four short weeks, I'll be done with it!!! 2) We lost our camera somewhere along the way, I think in the beginning of September. It's ironic how we never thought there was anything to take pictures of, but now, it's almost everyday I say, "Oh, I wanna take a picture of that!" 3) Now that school's back in session and the weather is so cold, we haven't been doing any exciting stuff anyways....
Now you've heard my excuses and you're free to judge for yourself. I do want to get back into it again. Hopefully I'll have a camera again soon so I'll be able to share our lives with all the world again!
Here is one thing that might interest some of you: This is a video of my clogging midterm test. (I'm the one in the tutu) I don't know how to do the fancy links or video posting, so hopefully this works...